According to the directives by the Karnataka Government, all the passengers arriving from high risk states or countries at the Bengaluru airport, will be tested for COVID-19 infection.

  • A trained technician will collect nasal and oral swab from the passengers.
  • Samples will be collected at Kiosk specially designed for COVID-19 sampling.
  • Samples from five passengers will be pooled and test will be performed.
  • RT-PCR will be performed in private laboratory (XCyton Laboratory, Bengaluru) which is approved by ICMR.
  • RT-PCR is performed to detect the SARS-CoV2 virus and the test is done according to ICMR guidelines.

Each passenger will be charged Rs 650*/- for the RT-PCR testing.

*This price is applicable only for air passengers arriving at Bengaluru airport

Your test results will be shared with Govt. Of Karnataka and the concerned District Surveillance Officer will intimate you regarding your test result.

Within 24 hours the results will be shared.