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Genotyping and CNV Analysis

Illumina Omni family of genotyping arrays with expert developed content are best suited for GWAS, genotyping and CNV analysis. Omni arrays leverage powerful tag SNP approach drawing marker content form HapMap and 1000 Genomes projects. This provides for genome wide coverage of both common and rare genetic variants, with MAF down to 1% and also highest resolution for detection of CNVs, LOH and indels. Choose from the fixed markers BeadChips such as Omni5 (4.3 million) and Omni2.5 (2.6 million) or fixed+custom markers BeadChips such as Omni Express (710,000+30,000) and Core (306,670+300,000).

One may also power their genotyping project with Affymetrix genome wide CytoScan array family suites (Optima, 750K, HD, XON). Enables cytogenetic researchers to detect and analyze relevant chromosomal aberrations with confidence breakpoint estimation, determination of loss of heterozygosity (LOH), detection of uniparental iso-disomy (UPD) and regions identical-by-descent.

Exome Analysis

Choose from the Illumina Omni family of genome wide arrays that include novel functional exonic variants, such as Omni5 (544,817) and Omni2.5 (364,396), or exome specific+custom arrays, such as Omni Express Exome (274,610+30,000) and Infinium Exome (269,186+100,000).

Custom DNA Sequencing

We offer various options for custom marker validation of your NGS and GWAS studies, based on the scale of multiplexity of the implicated SNPs. Low plex- Fluidigm SNP type for 24-384 SNPS (minimum 96 samples commitment). Mid plex- Illumina Infinium XT for 100- 50,000 SNPs (minimum 100,000 sample commitment), High plex- Illumina iSelect for 3,072-700,000 SNPs (minimum 24 samples commitment).

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