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ASCO Annual Meeting

ASCO Annual Meeting

Big Data Bioinformatics conference provides cutting-edge information on developments in all areas of Bioinformatics research and novel Big Data analytic approaches.

An astonishing volume of biomedical information, ‘big data’, from lab studies, patient records and genomic sequencing are being brought together by life scientists all over the globe. This increasing volume and accessibility of ‘big data’ will provide opportunities for future medical programs in areas like personalized medicine. However ‘big data’ efforts face huge challenges, from creating analytic tools and solving scientific puzzles to accessing millions of gigabytes of data and overcoming barriers to accessing patients’ health records. In order to provide those future opportunities, specific challenges need to be addressed to integrate current discoveries into medical practice.

Through lectures and various discussions, the Big Data Bioinformatics meeting will assemble leading researchers and experts who will present solutions to some of these challenges.

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