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Diabetes Summit 2016

Diabetes Summit 2016

The AACR Annual Meeting is a must-attend event for cancer researchers and the broader cancer community. This year’s theme, “Delivering Cures Through Cancer Science,” reinforces the inextricable link between research and advances in patient care. The theme will be evident throughout the meeting as the latest, most exciting discoveries are presented in every area of cancer research. There will be a number of presentations that include exciting new data from cutting-edge clinical trials as well as companion presentations that spotlight the science behind the trials and implications for delivering improved care to patients.

This cross-cutting, multidisciplinary program will include an outstanding roster of speakers, hundreds of invited talks, and more than 6,000 proffered papers from researchers around the globe. As always, the diversity of the AACR Annual Meeting program will give presenters a forum to share critical updates in all areas, as well as members of the audience an opportunity to actively participate in discussions with colleagues.

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