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Molecular Med TRI-CON, 2016

Molecular Med TRI-CON, 2016

The increased use of next generation sequencing has led to challenges in data analysis, large-scale data storage and management, multi-site data integration, validation for quality and scale-up of informatics. It is integral to overcome these analysis and informatics challenges to successfully translate NGS research and data from the lab to clinical stage. Growing collaborations between organisations and increased NGS data sharing between locations has created a need for a more robust and secure data storage, analysis, access and integration system while ensuring high quality of the NGS data being produced. At the ‘NGS Data Analysis and Informatics Conference’ to be held on 18 – 19 February 2016 in San Diego, CA – USA we will be discussing strategies to accurately analyse and scale-up informatics for the data generated through the NGS technology while ensuring quality and scalability of the data.

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