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Symposium on Mass Array Technology & its Applications

Symposium on Mass Array Technology & its Applications – Organised by Imperial Life sciences and MedGenome

The ICGC serves as a forum for international cancer communities to discuss common problems and share “lessons learned” through an international network that is dedicated to thoroughly characterizing the myriad genomic changes across many types of cancer. To achieve this goal, the ICGC has developed policies and quality control criteria to guide the various in-country funding bodies in designing their respective cancer genome characterization projects. With patient protection policies fully harmonized, the ICGC provides an open-access, federated database that enables access to data from more than 88 international projects.

The purpose of the workshop is to discuss and coordinate the range of issues related to the development and implementation of ICGC projects. Examples of anticipated discussion topics/sessions include sample acquisition and stewardship; patient informed consent and bioethics; data management and analysis; verification; data-sharing; funding models; and genome characterization technologies.

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