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The 11th Scientific Workshop of the ICGC

The 11th Scientific Workshop of the ICGC

Deeper understanding of cell biology using molecular tools and genomic data is radically changing the face of medical science. Newer histomorphological classifications, profiling of individuals and diseases, designer drugs and personalised medicine are all hallmarks of the new paradigm. And the discipline of Pathology is at the centre of it all. It is poised to become once again the central subject of Medicine as in Rudolf Virchow’s glory days! APCON 2015 in Kochi is where the Pathology community of India prepares for the changing times. There will be a special general body of the IAPM to discuss revamping of the organization. There will be discussions on restructuring Pathology education. There will be simultaneous CME programs showcasing what is new and trending in every branch of Pathology.

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