Need for better drugs

Greater than 90% of compounds that enter clinical trials fail

  • Primarily due to limited predictive value of preclinical models

Most drug failures are in Phase II trials

  • 50% due to the lack of efficacy (beneficial effect to the patient)
  • 25% due to toxicity
  • Preclinical models indicated that the drug was safe and effective

Preclinical models have limited ability to predict benefit to patients

IGP enables pharma to develop better drugs by applying genomics to stratified disease cohorts.

Elucidate the genetic keys to human health

  • Centenarian studies
  • Discovery of protective alleles in a population

Understanding the genetic basis of complex diseases and rare disorders

  • Develop better diagnostics
  • Uncover causal genes in orphan Mendelian disorders

Enables novel drug development

MedGenome has network of over 30+ large hospital collaborators across India

IGP provides:
  • Large cohorts of patient samples with matched clinical data
  • Next Generation Sequencing and bioinformatics capabilities
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Customized prospective cohorts for your disease study
  • Bio-banked samples for retrospective studies in certain disease areas

IGP projects include:

Genomic sequencing of 1000 diabetic retinopathy patients
Large study of ~200 samples of Moya Moya (neurovascular inherited disorder)
Familial epileptic syndromes study
2000 patient study on familial deafness (sensorineural)
1000 patients non-invasive pre-natal study
16,000 patient cohort with over 10 years longitudinal data with clinical data for Type-I and Type-II diabetes – discovery of new disease alleles and protective alleles