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Designation: Junior Pathologist

Job Purpose

The primary purpose of this role is to manage histopathology with IHC.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Set up, streamline and take the responsibility of Immunohistochemistry set up at MedGenome and quickly commercialize as many IHC tests as possible
  • Quickly learn, understand the various Molecular test (single gene and real-time PCR) conducted at MedGenome and start signing and take the responsibility of the test reports
  • Establish cordial relationship with all the major clinicians across the country who get the testing services at MedGenome
  • Involve in the FISH (Fluorescent Insitu Hybridisation) based testing services at MedGenome
  • To lead the test development of various new molecular tests for Leukaemia’s (all liquid tumours) and ensure that MedGenome becomes the leader in Molecular testing in Leukaemia’s and Lymphomas
  • Assist other managers in quality audits
  • Help sales and marketing team with the test menu and technical clarifications
  • Represent MedGenome in CME’S and conferences

Desired skills and Qualification

  • MBBS – MD Pathology compulsory
  • 1-2 years of experience in Histopathology & IHC

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