Comprehensive Tumor Panel

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Comprehensive Tumor Panel

Advantages of tumor DNA Analysis

  • Enables molecular targeted treatment
  • Provides clues to the underlying biology of cancer
  • Elucidates the primary genetic changes driving tumorigenesis
  • Provides new molecular drug targets

Next Generation Sequencing and its benefits

  • NGS panels are tests that analyse multiple genes simultaneously
  • It is done at a much lower cost than traditional sequencing methods
  • Has a higher likelihood of identifying a causative mutation
  • Reduces the need for multiple follow-ups and additional testing

Next Generation Sequencing at MedGenome

  • Using genomic DNA extracted from blood, the coding regions of all the genes are captured and sequenced simultaneously by NGS technology on an Illumina platform. The sequence data that is generated is aligned and analyzed for sequence variants
  • The comprehensive tumour panel (170 genes) is a targeted NGS assay that simultaneously detects mutations
  • Single Nucleotide Variant & Short Indels- 148 genes
  • Fusions and Spice Variants-55 genes
  • Genes amplifications- 59 genes

Cancers Covered

Prima types of cancers

Benefits of Comprehensive Tumor Gene Panel

  • Internally validated as an accurate and cost-effective method to identify mutations, fusions and amplifications across genes known to be associated with response or resistance to specific targeted therapies
  • Enables determination of most appropriate targeted therapy for each patient with solid tumour based on genomics profile of their disease
  • Assessment of prognosis and guiding treatment for patients with solid tumours at baseline as well at disease progression/recurrence

In house-Validation

Prima types of cancers

Clinical reports

  • Follow good laboratory practice (GLP) and good clinical practice (GCP)
  • Well trained scientists and genome analysts perform the NGS data analysis, curation and interpretation
  • Report provides clinically significant alterations and its interpretations, their associations with drug efficacy, recommended targeted therapies/possible mechanisms of resistance, prognosis and available active clinical trials, and supporting medical evidences from large clinical studies that can guide the oncologists in making treatment decisions
  • Clinical reporting and interpretations are based on the international guidelines: ASCO, AMP, CAP, NCCN and ESMO

Test requirements

FFPE tissue block with 105 tumour content (as verified by our in-house pathologist)

Turnaround time

21 working days

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