Single Gene Testing

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Single Gene Testing

Advanced Testing Techniques in Prima

Prima types of cancers

Next Generation Sequencing and its benefits

  • NGS panels are tests that analyse multiple genes simultaneously
  • It is done at a much lower cost than traditional sequencing methods
  • Has a higher likelihood of identifying a causative mutation
  • Reduces the need for multiple follow-ups and additional testing

Next Generation Sequencing at MedGenome

  • Using genomic DNA extracted from blood, the coding regions of all the genes are captured and sequenced simultaneously by NGS technology on an Illumina platform. The sequence data that is generated is aligned and analyzed for sequence variants.

Important Genes Covered

Prima types of cancers

Test Requirements

Requirement for each test would differ. Broadly, following sample types required

  • Peripheral Blood
  • Bone Marrow Aspirate
  • FFPE Block

Turnaround time

Turn-around time depends on the type of test and methodology. For individual test TAT, please visit our test catalog

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