“It’s a very fast growing company, has the latest technologies and a very good management team that is leading it.”
M.Sc. (Biotechnology) | 5.5 years experience

“My passion for science and to learn, grow and innovate, excited me to get my industrial break at MedGenome.”
Inna Mittal
M.Sc. (Biotechnology) | 1.8 years experience

“What I love most about MedGenome is the work environment. Here, hierarchy does not get in the way of individuals, everyone tends to learn from each other. There is always an attitude of learning , not just within each team but between teams as well.”
Kiran V
M.Sc. (Computational Biology) | 4.1 years experience

“I am extremely proud to be part of MedGenome for its outstanding work in advancing healthcare in India. Genomic services are a budding field in our country and to me MedGenome provides one of the fastest and best quality services in the market today. It’s something that inspires me every day.”
Rocky Singh
PhD | 5.5 years Experience

“MedGenome gives me a great opportunity to learn and access technologies that are driving clinical genomics. But the best part is the wonderful environment that makes working here such a pleasure.”
M.Tech (Industrial Biotechnology) | 4 years experience

“Getting into a career in life sciences was always my dream. And MedGenome has given me more than my dream. Every day I learn something new, something exciting. Though new to the company and the field, my enthusiastic colleagues help me through every step and make me feel right at home.”
Susan V Paul
M.Sc. (Lifescience) | 2.5 years experience

“I wanted to join an innovative bioinformatics organization where I can apply my knowledge and follow my passion. I found a strong platform for improvement at MedGenome. I truly believe that I can strengthen my skills along with the growth of the company.”
M.Sc. (Computational Biology) | 5 years experience

“For me a career with MedGenome meant a lot of learning. Being part of one of the leading labs in the field of personalized healthcare was a great opportunity. Learning from such experienced researchers in the field of my interest has been an invaluable experience.”
Meghna P Shankar
B.Tech (Biotechnology) | 1.3 years Experience

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