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Non-invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) for Safe and Secure Pregnancy

MedGenome delivers precision in Fetal chromosomal screening

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Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. The thought of your baby having a genetic disorder, such as Down Syndrome, can be overwhelming. What is supposed to be an exciting time, is overtaken by worry and concern. Expecting parents want clarity about their baby’s health, but without access to the right genetic testing, that can prove challenging.

That's Where Claria Comes in.

Claria makes it easy to get the answers you need regarding your baby’s genetic health questions with a non-invasive prenatal screening test (NIPT). When you are pregnant, some of your baby’s DNA circulates in your bloodstream. Claria NIPT is a simple and safe blood screening test that analyzes for chromosomal abnormalities, including Down Syndrome.

This screening test can be done from as early as the tenth week of pregnancy. Claria NIPT accurate test results give you the time to make informed decisions that are best for your family’s future.

The Claria NIPT Advantage
1. Comprehensive view of the fetal genome
2. Only NIPT to be validated on the Indian population
3. Fastest test results since samples are processed at our College of American Pathologist (CAP) accredited lab in India
4. Free pre & post test genetic counselling
5. Superior accuracy rate of 99.9% compared to traditional marker based screening tests
Don’t delay getting this free information. The sooner you know, the better prepared you will be.
Claria NIPT does not test for the gender of the fetus. MedGenome is a PC & PNDT certified company
NIPT Test Process - What to Expect
It is a simple process. A sample of blood is collected from the mother's arm - which poses no risk of miscarriage unlike an amniocentesis or CVS. Our genetic expert will guide you with the entire process.
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Determine your baby’s risk of developing any chromosomal abnormality and achieve peace-of-mind by taking advantage of the Claria non-invasive prenatal testing.

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