Maternal Serum Screening

Delivers Clarity and
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Safe, Accessible, and Accurate alternative to invasive testing

What is Maternal Serum Screening?

Maternal serum screening (MSS) is a set of tests that helps pregnant women identify if their pregnancy has an increased risk of genetic disorders, birth defects, and pregnancy complications. The tests can be taken during the first trimester between 9 – 13 weeks 6 days and during the second trimester between 15 – 21 weeks 6 days.

Maternal Serum Screening Test

MSS can help detect indicators of birth defects like neural tube defects, chromosomal anomalies such as Down Syndrome, and pregnancy complications like Pre-Eclampsia.

Maternal Serum Screening Test

Reflex NIPT

Patients in the high-risk category can opt for the Reflex NIPT test which provides a safe, accessible, accurate, non-invasive modality with >99% detection rate and false positive rate.

Why do you need this test?

To detect high-risk pregnancies and fetal abnormalities in a timely manner

For early detection of birth defects and chromosomal anomalies in families with a history of these conditions

To identify neural tube defects and pre-eclampsia in mother

Who needs this test?

MSS Test
maternal serum screening Those who want to know the risk of genetic disorders during pregnancy
maternal screening test Those with a family history of aneuploidies
serum test pregnancy Women of high maternal age

Why MedGenome?


Largest CAP-accredited and NABL-certified Genomics sequencing lab in South Asia


Offers MSS uses DELFIA® technology, approved by the Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF - UK)


Reports are optimized based on risk levels (low, intermediate, and high)


Prompt warnings by monitoring variations in Multiple of Medians (MoMs) to normalize test results


Requisite quality controls ensure consistency, validity and accuracy of results

Test Details

Test CodeNameMarkersGestation in weeksTAT*
MGM2445First Trimester ScreeningFree ẞHCG, PAPP-A11w-13w++6days with NT/
9w-13w+6days without NT
1 day
MGM2447First Trimester Screening with
Pre-eclampsia risk
Free ẞHCG, PAPP-A PIGF11w-13w+6days1 day
MGM2448First Trimester Screening with
Reflex NIPT Test
Free ẞHCG, PAPP-A+NIPT11w-13w+6days1 day +10 days
MGM2446Quadraple ScreeningAFP, Free ẞHCG, UE3, Inhibin A15w-21w+6days1 day
MGM2449Quadraple test with
Reflex NIPT
AFP, Free ẞHCG, UE3, Inhibin A +NIPT15w-21w+6days1 day +10 days
MGM2465Enhanced - First Trimester
Quadraple Screening with
Free ẞHCG, PAPP-A, AFP PIGF11w-13w+6days1 day
MGM2469Triple Marker ScreeningAFP, Free ẞHCG, UE315w-21w+6days1 day

*after reciept in the lab. Applicable for lab working days and not on approved holidays

Additional recommended tests

(To be done in consultation with your doctor)


Maternal Serum Screening


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