Encephalitis awareness day webinar 2021 – MedGenome – Leading Genetics Diagnostics Lab in India

Encephalitis awareness day webinar 2021

MedGenome and Xcyton cordially invite you to a webinar on

World Encephalitis Awareness Day: Molecular Testing (Syndrome Evaluation System) for informed treatment decisions:

Date & Time:
22nd February, 2021 4:00 pm
  • Global prevalence of encephalitis is 67,24,900 cases per year.
  • There is low awareness of the condition -78% of the general public worldwide do not know what encephalitis is.
  • 10–20% developing neurological sequelae post treatment, so early diagnosis & specific management is the key.
  • The causative agent of Encephalitis varies with season and geographical location, and predominantly affects population below 15 years.
  • Keeping in mind the wide range of causal agents and the rapid rate of neurological impairment due to pathogenesis, it poses a challenge of rapid diagnosis and early institution of appropriate therapy.
  • Molecular detection by amplification and hybridization of nucleic acids as a technology has opened a new and innovative era for microbial diagnosis.
  • The use of nucleic acid detection for the diagnosis of infectious diseases in clinical laboratories is facilitated by PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction).
  • This approach is useful to detect mutations associated to drug resistance directly on biological samples without the requirement of culturing organism.
  • Syndrome Evaluation System (SES) poses unique benefits in terms of treatment of infectious diseases in terms of rapid report, higher accuracy, cost effectiveness, direct evidence and comprehensiveness of the report.


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