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PID Webinar

The Role of NGS in Diagnosing Rare Disorders

01 DD Sahyadri News 07 March 2017 01min 12sec MedGenome Press Conference Onco Track 21 56pm

Dr Sekar Kathiresan, Director, Preventive Cardiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, US

Dr Kumar Prabhash, Prof., Medical Oncology, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

MedGenome - A genomics-based diagnostics and research company

Dr. Chirantan Bose talking on Liquid Biopsy - Blood Test for Cancer Detection & Monitoring

Dr R K Deshpande, Consultant Onco Surgeon, Asian Cancer Institute, Mumbai

Dr Mullasari Ajit S, Director - Cardiology, The Madras Medical Mission

The story of Medgenome

MedGenome Claria PGS Webinar in Association with Illumina

Insurance companies can take genomics to the next level : Dr Vivek Jain

Claria Webinar - Prenatal 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome and Microdeletions Screening