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Research Services

Whole Genome Methylation Sequencing

Discover genome wide cytosine methylation patterns such as CpG, CHH, and CHG. Deliverables include differentially methylated regions (DMRs) mapping, identification of genes associated with DMRs and gene set enrichment analysis.

Focused Methylation Sequencing

Epigenetic transformations in DNA may be studied by enrichment for identified methylation regions, including cancer-tissue specific DMRs, GENCODE promoters, CpG islands. Deliverables include DMRs, identification of genes associated with DMRs and gene set enrichment analysis.

Validate your Genetic Discoveries with our Microarray Service Offerings

Microarrays have evolved as powerful tools for the validation of genetics discoveries. Various applications for microarrays include detection of genetic variation, differences in gene expression, regulatory function assessment by microRNA and methylated loci, chromosomal aberrations related cytogenetics changes, understanding of drug metabolism, and biobanking for sample identity and characterization.

We maintain the integrity and uniformity of every array project using a positive flow LIMS tracking system for all samples and data. Multiple QC steps throughout the work flow challenge and thereby preserve the fidelity of the entire process. Choose from our wide selection of array service options to validate your scientific discoveries with the greatest statistical power for your project:

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