Genetic Testing for A Healthier Tomorrow

Genetic Testing for a Healthier Tomorrow

DNA Day 2022

As we look back on the progress made in the field of genomics on this World DNA day, it is evident we have come a long way. Strides have been made even since the turn of the millennium when publishing the entire human genome sequence was lauded as one of the biggest breakthroughs in modern science. What was initially a means to identify the risk of Down’s Syndrome back in the 1950s is today a window to a host of precision care options. No longer limited to a select few, genetic testing has become more accessible and affordable. And scientific progress in this field could be the key to a healthier future for all of us.

Genetic Testing: No Longer Out of Reach

From single-gene tests to those that measure multiple genes, from spotting cancer risk to heart attack risk, today we have access to it all. The ease of testing too is unlike anything we’ve seen before – home sample collections, easy-to-use collection kits that anyone can use, and access to results online have brought genetic testing to our doorsteps.

What’s even better is that the results from these tests have been simplified with the help of post-testing genetic counseling. So, someone without any prior knowledge of genomics can understand exactly what their test results mean and how they can use the information for preventive care or to get the right dosage of a drug during treatment for certain conditions.

Why Test?

Genetic testing has made precision care a reality. We no longer need to rely on a one size fits all approach to treatment. Your medical care can be designed based on your genetic profile to improve the chances of better impact and effective treatment. It’s another vital piece of information in your profile when your doctor chalks up a treatment plan.

Unlike lab tests that help you take stock of health indicators today, genetic testing is designed to identify future risks too. Given your family history and unique combination of genes, certain tests can help you get the right help well in time to cut your risk of adverse events including cardiac problems like heart attacks.

Genetic Testing for precision care and treatment

MedGenome Makes Genetic Testing Easy

When it comes to convenience, MedGenome has made it easier than ever to get a variety of genetic testing done. From ‘Claria’, a complete suite of reproductive testing solutions to ‘Prima’ for advanced oncology and solid tumors management, ‘Micra’ for infections diseases and their treatment, to ‘Actia’ which helps you with an accurate diagnosis of Rare Disease conditions, and more recently ‘Kardiogen’ from Genessense, a test designed to help identify your risk score for heart attacks. And all this without compromising the accuracy and efficiency of the tests themselves.

How Doctors and Genetic Counselors Can Help

Your doctor will be able to utilize the results of the genetic testing to help you work out treatment plans, identify drug resistance, predict the probable risk of illness or disease, and guide you on lifestyle changes and preventive care to help lower your health risks and keep certain conditions in check.

After any genetic test, individuals can benefit from speaking to either a doctor or a genetic counselor who can help interpret the results. While MedGenome tests are easy-to-understand, there are nuances that a counselor or doctor can help with. Plus, they’ll be better equipped to recommend a course of action by way of future tests, medication, and other preventive measures as needed.

This World DNA day, it’s time for all of us to take charge of our wellness, and leverage tools like these genetic tests that are at our disposal, for a healthier tomorrow.

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