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Summary of the talk:

Population-scale genetic studies can allow disease risk to be predicted with resulting benefit for management of individual health risks and system-wide allocation of health care delivery resources while also identifying targets for drug discovery.

South Asia has a population whose genetics is the least characterized of any of the world’s major populations. In this seminar we will describe GenomeAsia studies that have characterized population structure in South Asia and tools that we have generated that lay the foundations for economical and accurate genotyping at population-scale.

For our studies we used whole genome sequence information from individuals recruited in the health care delivery systems in the North West, the South and the North East areas of the Indian subcontinent. We will also describe the origins and the prevalence of founder effects that are a central feature of population structure in South Asia and that make India a uniquely powerful place for population-scale genetic studies. Finally we will lay out the resource that will be built from these foundations and that will accelerate genetic discovery in India.


Dr. Andrew Peterson

Chief Scientific Officer, MedGenome, USA

Dr. Andrew Peterson obtained his PhD in Genetics at Harvard University and did Postdoctoral work at University of California at San Francisco where  genetics in somatic cells and in model organisms was his major research theme.  In subsequent career stages, in faculty appointments at Duke University and UCSF, mouse genetics was used as an approach to understanding neural development and behavior.  After joining Genentech in 2006, first as a Senior Scientist and eventually as Head of the Department of Molecular Biology, Dr Peterson led research infrastructure efforts in mouse genetics, next generation sequencing and genome engineering.  He also led drug discovery efforts in Metabolic Disease and successfully introduced three molecules into Genentech's portfolio in that therapeutic area.  Dr Peterson has over 30 years of research experience and a passion for helping individuals, organizations and societies use genetics to plan for good health.