What is Liquid Biopsy?

Liquid biopsy is a minimally invasive technology for detection of molecular biomarkers. It is a simple and non-invasive alternative to surgical biopsies which enables doctors to discover a range of information about a disease or a tumour through a simple blood sample.

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Liquid Biopsy

Similar to the normal cells, even the tumor cells also undergo apoptosis (programmed cell death). These dead tumor cells are engulfed by phagocytes that process the tumour cell DNA which gets released into the blood stream. Thus the name tumour cell free DNA (cfDNA) or circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA). This cfDNA can be analysed for the same genetic aberrations found in tumours, including mutation, amplification, chromosomal rearrangement and hypermethylation.

Tissue Biopsy

  • Takes time for the procedure
  • Sampling of tissue from primary and/or metastatic site
  • Difficult to obtain
  • Pain and risks involved
  • Invasive
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Liquid Biopsy

  • Time taken to draw blood - Phlebotomy
  • Comprehensive representation of tumour tissue - heterogeneity
  • Easily obtained
  • Only pain of a needle prick
  • Non-invasive

Early detection, disease prognosis, a guide to treatment, a key to unlock the secrets of how cancers evolve are few of the many possibilities that has emerged from Liquid Biopsy.

OncoTrack Liquid Biopsy

OncoTrack from MedGenome has been developed and validated In INDIA to detect cancer causing DNA from the patients' blood sample. Using NGS technology OncoTrack has an extremely high sensitivity and ability to detect extremely low frequency mutations.

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liquid biopsy
  • Time taken to draw blood - Phlebotomy
  • Comprehensive representation of tumour tissue - heterogeneity
  • Easily obtained
  • Only pain of a needle prick
  • Non-invasive

ONCOTRACK screens for the presence of oncogenic driver mutations in four key genes: EGFR, KRAS, NRAS and BRAF, that has a potential role in clinical decision making. This assay also screens for resistance mutations that demonstrate the mechanism of acquired secondary/primary resistance to these drugs.

  • High Sensitivity and ability to detect low frequency mutation
  • Unlike other techniques such as Real-Time PCR otr Digital PCR where only specific known mutation is screened in individual genes, NGS has the advantage of multi-gene
    profiling in a single assay providing information on the exon covering the HOTSPOT mutation.
  • Can detect unknown mutations too
  • Ability to provide exact mutation, especially the insertion and deletion cases
  • Faster Turn Around Time
  • Minimizes issues with limited material for sequential testing

When should you recommend OncoTrack?

  • Personalised treatment decision
  • Therapeutic response and relapse
  • Cancer progression and metastasis
  • Changing the drug combination to address relapse
  • Detection of driver mutations that has a role in targeted therapy

Benefits to the Patient

  • For PREDICTING EARLY RECURRENCE OR RELAPSE and change the line of treatment with different drug combination in order that the tumour regresses
  • No discomfort suffered by the patient
  • Absent inherent clinical risks to the patient
  • Prevents potential surgical complications
  • Economic considerations – multiple or serial tumour biopsies are often impractical

In about 10% of patients, wherein the tissue biopsy could not be performed, liquid biopsy could be an alternative, with informed decisions from the patient and the clinician on the false negative/false positivity associated with the assay

Eg. Adenocarcinoma of Lung patient on TKIs

MedGenome’s OncoTrack is the only validated liquid biopsy test in India.


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