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Power your EWAS study with Illumina EPIC array for robust methylation profiling of CpG islands, genes, FANTOM5 enhancers, ENCODE open chromatin and enhancers, DNase hypersensitive sites, miRNA promoter regions, and non-CpG methylated sites. Researchers can interrogate >850,000 genome wide methylation sites quantitatively at single nucleotide resolution.


Cytogenetics arrays inspect chromosomal aberrations at a high resolution for constitutional studies and offer high detection sensitivity for structural variation including duplications, deletions, amplifications, CN-LOH, UPD and mosiacism. Illumina CytoSNP 850K array with 850,000 genome wide SNPs has enhanced coverage of 3,262 cytogenetically relevant genes for congenital disorders and cancer research. Illumina CytoSNP 12 array provides ~300,000 SNPs with dense coverage of ~250 disease regions, including sub-telomeric regions, peri-centromeric regions and sex chromosomes. Illumina CytoSNP FFPE 12 array interrogates >262,000 genomic markers for detection of structural aberrations in paired normal and tumor samples. Affymetrix CytoScan HD array with 2.6 million genome wide copy number markers and 750,000 SNPs enables analysis of chromosomal aberrations across all OMIM and RefSeq genes and confident structural variation detection including CN-LOH, UPD and mosiacism estimation. Affymetrix CytoScan 750K array with 550,000 unique non-polymorphic probes and 200,000 gene-centric SNPs enables reliable cytogenetics analysis. Affymetrix CytoScan Optima array has been optimized from CytoScan HD array and offers detection of chromosomal abnormalities from 396 regions for prenatal and miscarriage applications.


Understanding the common variation in genes encoding for drug metabolism enzymes and drug transporters enables the prediction of the impact of an individual’s genetic variation on metabolic capacity. This understanding aids in personalized medicine by helping to avoid adverse drug responses and increasing treatment efficacy. Affymetrix DMET Plus array offers 1,936 SNP, copy number, and indel markers across 231 genes with 100% coverage of Pharma ADME Core ADME genes (32 genes) and 95% coverage of Pharma ADME core markers (185 variants).


Illumina genotyping arrays with genome wide marker representation offer a cost-effective biobanking method for validation of sample quality and identity, sample tracking, and stratification applications from multiple sources, including blood, saliva, and buccal swabs. Array options include Infinium QC (15,949), Multi-Ethnic Global (1.7 million+245,000), Omni Express (710,000+30,000), Global Screening (640,000+50,000) and Core (306,670+300,000.

Population Genomics

Illumina genotyping arrays with common and rare variants offer identification of genetic associations in complex diseases for specific human populations and ethnicities. Intelligent tag SNP marker content form HapMap and 1000 Genomes Project also provide a cost effective approach for a genomics study by enabling the high accuracy imputation of markers from a high to low density genotyping array. Array options include Multi-Ethnic Global (1.7 million+245,000) and Global Screening (640,000+50,000) representing AFR, AMR, EAS, EUR and SAS; Multi-Ethnic EUR/EAS/SAS (1.4 million+245,000) representing EUR, EAS and SAS; Multi-Ethnic AMR/AFR (1.4 million+245,000) representing AMR, AFR; and Infinium OmniZhongHua (878,291) representing EAS.

Disease Focus

Illumina Infinium Immuno array enables detection of genetic variation in the immune system, with select genetic markers (253,702+390,000) for major autoimmune and infiammatory disorders. Illumina Psych array contains high density markers (590,000+50,000) for genetic variants associated with common psychiatric disorders providing insights for psychiatric predisposition and risk. Illumina Onco array is a comprehensive, solution for research into genetic variants (500,000+120,000) associated with breast, colorectal, lung, ovarian, and prostate cancers, fine-mapping of common cancer susceptibility loci, and evaluation of cancer predisposition and risk. Affymetrix OncoScan array with 350,000 copy number probes and 24,000 SNPs delivers unified genome wide view for somatic mutation, CN and LOH analysis for 900 cancer genes from FFPE samples quickly and accurately.

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