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RNA Sequencing

RNA sequencing allows us to investigate the total RNA content of the cell especially mRNA and non-coding RNA. This lets us assess the state of a given cell/tissue and compare it with diseased or other temporal states. RNA seq analysis provides a comprehensive view of the differentially expressed genes/isoforms which can be utilized to understand the affected pathways.

Small RNA Sequencing

Small RNA can be studied with unprecedented sensitivity and dynamic range to both discover and profile the regulatory non-coding micro and other small RNA, including siRNA and piRNA. Characterize isomiRs with single base pair resolution and analyze any small RNA without sequence or secondary structure information.


The identity and quantity of the complete set of transcripts in a cell population may be studied with metatranscriptomics. This gene mining exercise for the discovery of novel transcripts can be utilized to analyze the gene pool and its function. For a comprehensive genetic view, you may choose to complement your metagenomics studies by expanding to metratranscriptome analysis with us.

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